Niall and Selena Take Relationship To Next Level

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The pair sparked plenty of romantic rumours when they kissed and hugged at a friend’s birthday party. Ever since then, Selena and Niall have added plenty of fuel to the fire and they have since been spotted enjoying the company of each other at the Santa Monica Pier in LA. On Saturday night, they were spotted by 1D fans enjoying the amusement park. Niall, who is 22 and Selena, who is 23 were clearly hoping to go out unnoticed and they really did make every effort to do this.

The pair were dressed in dark colours and they kept their heads down as well, as they made their way through the crowd. Another clip that was posted online showed the pair sitting next to each other on a rollercoaster with their arms up in the air. The first time they were seen with each other was at Channing Tatum’s birthday and it is said that they were seen making out and leaving together as well. An insider at the party stated that they were kissing in the middle of the club and in front of everyone. According to reports, they were very close and they were talking for most of the night. They also posed for pictures together and there were plenty of group shots as well.

Justin Bieber then posted a throwback photo of the former couple and it just goes to show that he is a little sore about the couple and that he doesn’t like the fact that they are together. Either way, the couple are certainly starting to look like an item and only time will tell whether or not they go the distance.