Gwen and Blake Shelton have Dropped a Relationship BOMBSHELL

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It seems that Gwen and Blake Shelton have dropped a relationship bombshell. Now normally you would think, maybe they’re getting married, or maybe they’re planning on having kids, but oh no, it’s not quite like that at all. A source that is very close to both Gwen and Blake has said that the two are planning on doing an album together. The source has said that even though Gwen is pop and Blake is country, that the album is going to be a Christmas album and that it will take roots from both pop and country.

This is not the first time that the duo have made music together, in fact, they teamed up on the US show The Voice where they collaborated together. They did the song Go Ahead and Break My Heart and it really did go down a treat with their viewers. So it looks like we aren’t going to get the big announcement that we all hoped for and it also looks as though there isn’t going to be any little Blake and Gwen babies running around either, but that being said, a Christmas album could go down very well and this is especially the case when you take a look at how well these two have being doing lately.

The album is apparently set to release in December but we won’t know any more until one of the people who are involved confirms it in full. Who knows what songs they will be covering and who knows how great the album could turn out in general, but either way, it is a great way to start the new year and we hope that the two of them really do go on to have a great life together!