Ellie Goulding And Dougie Poynter Take Relationship Break

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According to a report, Ellie Goulding & Dougie Poynter are taking a break from their relationship. Apparently the two have had huge working commitments and over time, they have been spending more time apart than they have together. This has made it incredibly difficult for them to maintain their relationship and for this reason, they have decided to take a break with the hopes that they can work things out in the future. They have both agreed that they have been through a rough patch but the time away might help them to get through it.

The duo are struggling to even find the time to see each other, and this makes it more difficult to work things out right now. The McFly star met Ellie at the Cosmopolitan awards ceremony and they have been together ever since.  The two have also stated that that they have both helped each other to realise that true love is possible and that it is possible to have your trust re-established. The bass player has even stated that Ellie was ready for marriage because she trusted him so much, however the pair decided to hold off until they could settle down properly.

Even though this was the case, Dougie also stated that he was ready to propose and he said to Ellie in an interview that he didn’t want to say too much because he didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

Either way, we hope that these two work things out and we also hope that the pair get back together again in the near future. Only time will tell but the couple really do look great together and maybe once they are a little less busy, they can get back together again to reconcile.