Boycott Over Oscars Is Gaining Momentum

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The boycott of the Academy Awards over lack of diversity in nominees is growing.

On Monday, Jada Pinkett Smith announced that she would be boycotting the Oscars ceremony in protest. Spike Lee, who was last year’s Oscar honoree for lifetime achievement, has also stated that he will be boycotting the show airing February 28 as well.

George Clooney has recently weighed in on the controversy saying in comments to Variety, “You feel like we’re moving in the wrong direction,” Noting some movies may have deserved more attention like CreedStraight Outta Compton, Beasts of No Nation, and Concussion.

Last year’s broadcast, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, was boycotted by some due to all white acting nominees.

Pressure has been put on this year’s host, Chris Rock, to join the boycott.

Rapper 50 Cent urged him to boycott on Instagram, writing:

“Chris, please do not do the Oscars awards. You mean a lot man, don’t do it.”