Banished! Kim Kardashian & Kanye West have Declared That the Entire Family Must Absolutely Shun Taylor Swift

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We have learnt that Kim and Kanye are really taking their nasty battle with Taylor Swift to that next level. The duo are apparently so intent on banishing the singer that they have issued a ban for their family. In other words, that means that people cannot play, or listen to her music. This happened when Kim and her daughter were at a playdate and the girl asked if they could listen to Taylor Swift. Kim then tore into Kourtney and she also said that the girls need to be more loyal as well. All in all, it seems like the family are so very proud of taking down the diva and they are clearly planning on taking this as far as they can. This may not be the right thing to do and it may not be ethical for them to let their kids go on believing this as well, but there isn’t much that anyone can do as of this moment and Taylor is yet to comment on the situation. Only time will tell whether or not the situation is going to go on and how long for, but even so, it looks nasty at the moment and if the family members get on the bandwagon as well, it could be months before we see a solution.

We will make sure that we update the situation as it happens and as of yet there is no more news. Taylor could comment soon or she could just choose to stay out of the situation and hope that it all blows over, but with Kanye being in the news so much lately, that isn’t likely at all and chances are this will continue for months.