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Bad Romance! Gaga Is Asking Taylor Kinney To Get Back With Her After Bad Split

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Lady Gaga is known for having quite a few hits in her day but this time she is making headlines for a completely different reason. She has split up from her fiancé Taylor Kinney and there is no real way to tell how the situation is going to play out. Either way, it looks like it isn’t going to work in Gaga’s favour because she wants him back and he isn’t exactly wanting that to happen. A close friend of Gaga’s is saying that she is pretty broken up about it and that she really does love him. She wants to win him back but there is no telling whether or not this is going to happen because according to various reports, their split was nasty to say the least. Even so, they only split just over a month ago so there could be love there yet!

They announced that they had broken up last month but since then Gaga has been looking a little bit sad to say the least. Apparently there are tensions between the couple and they have been apparent for months that they are not happy. Even so, Gaga has gone on to achieve quite a lot of success recently and she even won a Golden Globe for her amazing performance in American Horror Story. She might not have done much musically lately but this just goes to show that she is still continuing her career and she may even go on to have a career in acting after she experienced so much success. We will bring you more on this story as it happens but from the looks of things, these two love birds may not be getting back together any time soon.